11th Annual Revegetation Day

QUIKSILVER’S Boardriders Foundation in partnership with Torquay Landcare held their 11th annual “Revegetation Day” in November 2018, focusing on Bowman’s Track (Spring Creek region) for the sixth year running.

With this mission in mind, the decision to work on Bowman’s track has been inspired by the rapid growth of urban development in the area and the recreational activities it has invited as a result. Concerned for the health of the creek, the Boardriders Foundation’s collaboration with Torquay Landcare has been designed to continue carrying out planting and weed control.

Our staff love being involved in the annual revegetation day as it’s a great opportunity to environmentally improve the area so it is preserved and enjoyed by all for many years to come. This year staff brought along their children, which was fabulous to share this opportunity with our future coastal guardians.

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