It’s Going To Be A White Winter

Tis the season, friends.

To be jolly, sure — but it’s also the season to be on a snow-smothered mountain with a board in your hands or, better yet, under your feet. That’s the plan, right?


Good news: the northern hemisphere winter outlooks seems to play right into that plan. Now, predicting the weather isn’t the most simple undertaking. There are mysteries and variables and mysterious variables and even variable mysteries. Despite that, these outlooks are typically accurate. Thanks for that, modern science.

So here’s what you can totally-maybe expect this season.

For North America, yum. The East Coast should anticipate a colder-than-average winter and a few good beltings from storms. The West Coast is said to face an above-average amount of storms rolling on into a good range of temperatures — still plenty cold enough to snow, though. Just maybe leave the glove warmers at home on some trips.

If you live in Europe, you should be in for a treat. And by “a treat,” we mean “a few great days on the mountain.” Most of the region is expected to experience above-average storm activity with a mild tinge to the air. That should add up to three things: snow, snow and snow.

And Japan? Already dumping there. Here’s our boy Austen Sweetin with proof.

So we suggest you get yourself, a friend who shreds and head north, cause winter is coming! Ya'll might even see one of our boys hangin out there! Enjoy.

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