Surf and snow on the same trip?

Packing for a surf trip is hard. Packing for a snow trip is hard. Packing for a surf and snow trip that’ll whisk you through a variety of different climates is damn-near impossible.

Key word there: nearly.

Packing for a combo trip may be difficult, but it’s doable – and totally worth it. One journey, two different forms of water to ride? Now that’s living.

Our boy Bryan Fox wants to help you plan for a double entendre. Bryan hunts powder for a living and chases peaks for a passion. There’s nothing he loves more than combining the two into one itinerary. As a matter of fact, he just jumped on our Radical Times in Spain trip to do just that. While here, he took a minute to lay out his essentials for you. Watch him put them all to use by following the trip on our Instagram and Snapchat.


When packing for a trip like this, bring the most versatile boards in your quiver. You obviously want to get both the best waves and the best snow, but reality will almost certainly find a way to derail that. Accept the fact that you probably won’t score both. So unless you’re serious about getting in the backcountry or surfing a certain wave, bring boards that you’d be comfortable riding in any condition.

Tip: If you have a coffin-style surfboard bag, you can fit a snowboard in it too. Just be sure to pack it properly so nothing gets damaged – use wetsuits or jackets to make the most out of the space you have.

Quiksilver puffy jacket.

They’re warm. They’re comfortable. They look good. They’re great for planes. They’re great for trains. They fend off bears...maybe. In other words, they’re your best friend.


For the snow, you need: jacket, pants, boots, gloves, hat and goggles. For the surf: 5-mil, boots and gloves…and maybe goggles if you’re, like, a weirdo.

Tip: If you’re planning on going somewhere seriously freezing, pack petroleum jelly. It’ll save you from getting all chapped up and you can even slab some on your face before you surf…we wish we were kidding.


You live in them. You breathe in them. You sweat in them, bleed in them, eat in them and probably spill food on them. T-shirts are the most essential of all the essentials.

Camera gear

Bryan likes to document his adventures. You probably like to document your adventures, too. It doesn’t matter if you roll with a Holga or a Red Cam, just don’t leave home without it.

Sweat pants

They’re super comfy and great for layering in the cold. Plus, depending on your trip, you might end up sharing a room with six of your best friends. You’re probably better off sleeping in sweatpants than nude, no?

First aid kit

Better to be safe than slapped in the face by some cruel circumstance. Bryan’s First Aid kid features a whistle, a fire starter, a compass and more. Maybe stash a little bit of wax in there too. You don’t want to go all the way to Chile just to do a split on your first wave, do you?

Tip: You can use surf wax as a stomp pad on your snowboard.

Surf and snow on the same trip? Here’s how to pack. from quiksilver on Vimeo.

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