Alex Olsen

Hometown: Santa Monica, California Sponsors: Girl, Independent, Quiksilver, Spitfire, Vans Stance: Goofy

The apple didn't fall far from the tree for the son of 70s skating star Steve Olson, but with Alex, this apple landed with a deafening thud. Anyone that sees him skate in person is an instant fan, and with his debut video part in Lakai's Fully Flared released in November of 2007, he showed us that he's already good enough to be pro. Alex has since split with Lakai and will make any shoe team ecstatic with his addition very shortly. Aside from the footwear world, mainstream magazines and fashion designers have courted him as well, but don’t let his young age fool you-Alex has an old soul. The mainstream route isn't a game he'll play anytime soon, even a pro board with his first and current board sponsor, Girl, doesn't seem to be on his agenda, though it’s obviously in the near future. Alex can be seen regularly shredding the Supreme L.A. bowl, or perhaps just hauling ass down the street. Like father like son.
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