Behind the Scenes at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast


doing the early morning Snapper Rocks surf check and contemplating his next heat against Kelly Slater in round three. He's feeling pretty good after coming up trumps in his second round against Jordy Smith. The underdogs of round two of the Quik Pro, Tiago and Travis, rocked the boat ­and with Tiago pumped to bring his A-game in the next round, will he keep it rocking?

Here's Leo with his surfer's survival kit – when you're on tour for most of the year you only travel with the essentials. Yesterday the waves were pumping but poor old Leo had to check-in online with his school back home in Italy. He matches the determination he brings to surfing to his schoolwork, so he powered through and got back out there looking to get shacked.

After a strong round one win against Jordy Smith and Brett Simpson, Freddy P dropped by to hang with Timo and Bosko and watch the rest of the heats on Fuel TV. As soon as the heats start, photographers Timo and Bosko can sit back and relax and watch the Pro from the comfort of their pop-up studio where they've been shooting our surfers. Suits Bosko fine as he can do a running commentary on the Pro while eating his favourite snack of Red Bull and Vegemite sandwiches. Bosko needs all the energy he can get before he goes out to shoot the guys free surfing.

Best mates Leo and Kanoa recently did a surf trip through Japan and Taiwan. Kanoa's family is originally from Japan so they took their time discovering the culture ­and epic surf spots. Here they're with team mate John Mel feeling stoked checking out the film we made of their trip being released soon.

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