Psych Up Songs: Leo Fioravanti’s Qualification Soundtrack

Music sets the tone — literally. It has that transcendental capacity to affect our mood and put us in a whole new mindset. Wanna relax? Put on some tunes. Wanna focus? Tunes. Wanna psych up? Tunes, tunes, tunes and more tunes. Just push play and go.


Leonardo Fioravanti is a man who pushed play early this year and never looked back. Now the 18-year-old Italian is all but officially qualified for the 2017 World Tour. His secret? Well, mostly talent and hard work — but maybe a little bit of music. Since it lead him to the top, Leo wanted to share a five song pump-up playlist with you. It may or may not qualify you for the 2018 CT — but it will definitely make you want to go surfing.


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Dane Reynolds: comp quiver

With the Quiksilver Pro in lay day overdrive, wildcard Dane Reynolds has been working hard to experiment with his equipment and get the right boards under his feet. Traveling from the USA with a total of 12 Al Merricks in his board bag (and one hell of an excess baggage fee) we got the inside word on what he’ll be riding in round 2 against Mick Fanning.

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Mark Richards: Froth Lord

Mark Richards was given his first pair of Quiksilver boardshorts in the early 1970s. Quiksilver’s founders Alan Green and John Law custom made Mark a pair of boardies and sent them to him.

Over 40 years later Mark is still stoked on surfing, shaping surfboards … and boardshorts. MR shares on his blog and instagram sick photos from back in the day where the wetsuits were a little brighter and the boardshorts were a little shorter.

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