Charmed Life

"this video is called charmed life. it's not a very serious video. it was created a few weeks ago, in hawaii, where we were vibing with the jad fair and daniel johnston album 'it's spooky' which is also not very serious. 'first day at work' is not the best song on the album and i did not catch the best waves on the north shore during my stay. i did, however, listen to 'first day at work' nearly every day in the car on the way to foodland or haliewa to get a sandwich. mini would laugh when i put it on. the kind of laugh you do when you're annoyed. we talked about how it would be rad to make a video with it, but he didn't think i was serious. then as it unfolded it just made sense. then we sank deeper into jad fair-ness and finished with two half japanese tracks. in the end it almost seems to make a statement. to speak for itself. we surely never intended on that, but when that shit just happens, you can't argue." Dane

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