Dane Reynolds: comp quiver

With the Quiksilver Pro in lay day overdrive, wildcard Dane Reynolds has been working hard to experiment with his equipment and get the right boards under his feet. Traveling from the USA with a total of 12 Al Merricks in his board bag (and one hell of an excess baggage fee) we got the inside word on what he’ll be riding in round 2 against Mick Fanning.

Board of choice

I don’t ride this model very often however this particular board I got from the Australian shaper of Channel Islands. It really feels good. The Fred Rubble model is a really well rounded board, especially if the waves are mushy. It’s not excessively fast or loose or drivey, it’s just a really neutral board. When I’m preparing for competing I just want something really neutral. I want a board that is going to roll rail to rail and not catch on a wave when I really need a score. That’s why i like this board, it isn’t going to surprise me. I’ve been on this board almost everyday since I’ve been in Australia and I’ve ridden it in a bunch of different conditions. Even if the conditions were all-time snapper, I would probably ride that board.

Backup Board

This board is shaped by Britt Merrick who is Al Merrick's son. I used to work with Britt a bunch in my teenage years and in the past 6 months or so I’ve been working with him pretty closely again. For this model, he took the original Proton shape which his Dad designed and put his take on it. He altered it and made it a little more mod. He mellowed out the entry a little, made it flatter and gave it a bit of a wider tail block. This board has a bunch of rocker and I don’t generally like that for point breaks. It still needs a lot of push because it is a curvy board. I prefer to ride it in punchier days out at Burleigh or D-Bah. This board is really just a backup board that I’ll ride if I snap my other one or something.

All the sprays I just do myself with a marker when I’m sitting around in my room. They mean nothing really. I’m just fucking around. There is a couple in there I hate. I sit here all day and look at them against the wall and some of them I like I guess. I kinda dig the Proton one actually.