Eddie Would Go. And The Eddie Will Go

Eddie Would Go. And The Eddie Will Go — if we get a big enough swell. The waiting period for the 32nd annual Big Wave Invitational opens up with a ceremony on December 1st and runs until February 28th. Keep one eye on the ocean and two fingers crossed.

Quiksilver and the Aikau family have worked constructively together for the past several weeks in an effort to avoid interrupting the 31-year track record of the event being held. With the support of The World Surf League (WSL), which will produce the event and manage the broadcast and media, the event will proceed.

The Aikau Family’s strong commitment to keep Eddie’s legacy, aloha spirit, Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian traditions alive is at the heart of the surf contest named in his honor and the work of the Eddie Aikau Foundation. In that spirit, with women’s surfing reaching new heights, the Aikaus are excited to announce their decision to include a woman athlete on this year’s alternative list – the first in the history of The Eddie.

The invitation list this year is as follows:

The alternate invitation list is used to replace injured or unavailable surfers from the invi-tation list. Alternate invitations will be offered in the order set out below:

Luke Shephardson, Kai Lenny, Nathan Fletcher, Noah Johnson, Nathan Florence, Ramon Navarro, Keali Mamala, Predro Calado, Jamie Sterling, Nic Lamb, Keala Kenelly, Danilo Couto, Mark Matthews, Kalani Chapman, Ben Wilkinson, Gabriel Villaran, Damien Hobgood, Kahea Hart, Ryan Hipwood, Carlos Burle, Taio Shipman, Danny Fuller, Anthony Tashnick and Rusty Long.

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