An epic year for Dede Suryana

Some years are better than others – and Dede Suryana’s 2014 has been epic, especially the last couple of months. Within a few weeks he became a father for the first time, then a couple of days later he won the ASP 1 star Komune Bali Pro in Keramas – which also happened to be his birthday. Then he won the 2014 ASC Men’s Championship in Taiwan. What a year. We asked him to talk us through his crazy day at Keramas.

“Two days before my daughter was born. I'd just got through to round three at the Komune Bali Pro and I got a message from my brother saying 'Congratulations, you're a father now' and I was like 'What!?'. I didn't know she'd gone to the hospital. I called my wife and she told me the baby was born and everything was good. I wanted to go home to Java but my wife wanted me to focus on the contest. So I made another heat and I made the final on the Saturday and it was my birthday and then I won the contest too. What a day!”

To round-off his epic year he’s going to surf Pipeline for a month and he’s taking local Indonesian grommet Rio Waida along for the trip. What a way to end an epic year.

All pics courtesy of ASC / Tim Hain