Quiksilver Foundation Reveg Day 2016

A few weeks back the team from Quiksilver got into some manual labour, along with some breeze in their hair and possibly some splinters in their hands as they happily participated in the 2016 Reveg Day on Victoria’s southern coast and the home of Quiksilver, Torquay.

This was the first year we had Reveg Day land on the school holidays so it was extra special to share this day and activity with our Quiksilver offspring.

Below we see the Spring Creek reserve captured in 2013. It is amazing to see how far we have come over the last 9 years that this program has been running.

As inevitable development continues to spread across the Surf Coast, these Quiksilver Foundation planting days have and continue to be instrumental in preserving our delicate and crucial biodiversity.

If you are looking to enjoy the SurfCoast, please take a moment at some point to wander up the Spring Creek Reserve track to the viewing platform. You will be inspired by the view, especially in reflection to how this area used to look.

Occasions like this provide an opportunity to genuinely ‘make a difference.’ It’s great the Quiksilver Foundation can facilitate this and give back the community where our organisation started.

Thanks to all involved for 2016 – Keep your eyes peeled for next year, its going to be our big 10 year Reveg anniversary!

Thankyous: Many people contribute to this day and on this occasion we had 52 enthusiastic workers including Landcare, Surfcoast Shire, Surfcoast Indigenous Nursery, Bunnings, Torquay IGA and Torquay Bakers Delight.

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