Watch: Full Speed With Noa Mizuno

You’re 18. You’re graduating with a great GPA from one of your state’s most prestigious high schools. Your best friends are starting to map out their lives — they’re enrolling in universities, choosing majors, figuring out what they want to do for careers. Meanwhile, you’re not even sure which continent you’ll be on next week. So, what do you do? 

For Noa Mizuno, the answer is simple: you surf. 

A natural talent, Noa quickly became a name to know in the Hawaii scene. And now, as he enters into early adulthood, he’s got a diploma in one hand and a Pro Junior trophy in the other. He won’t be going to college. Not now, at least. He’s got a dream to chase and he’s moving forward at Full Speed. 

Spend some time with Noa in this short film below. Keep an eye on him. Actually, keep two.

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