Here’s What The Young Guns Ski Finalists Are Riding


Zane Severson 


Brand: Völkl 

Model: Revolt

Mount: 2.5 back from center 


They’re powerful. You can ski over anything in them. Plus, the graphics are gas. 



Kieran Fagan 


Brand: Atomic

Model: Bent Chetler 

Mount: 2.5 back from center 


They’re stiff so you can hit big landings but also light so you can throw some big stuff. They’re definitely good if you want to try big tricks. 



Tim Sivignon 


Brand: Faction 

Model: Prodigy 1.0 

Mount: 1 back from center 


It’s flexible, which makes it feel super playful. I also think it’s pretty versatile. It can do anything. 



Cole Richardson 


Brand: Head

Model: Kore 

Mount: 2.5 back from center 


They’re pretty stiff, but still super light. I think that gives them a balance of being playful but still being solid for big landings — you can definitely charge on them. They’re a great all around ski. 

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