How To Win $10k At The Young Guns Ski Final

Can you feel the heat?

We’ll be honest — it’s kind of hard to. That’s what happens when the temp drops to -9 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 Celsius). But no matter how cold it is, there’s still a little flame burning here. Call it froth. Or better yet, stoke.

I mean, we are in Revelstoke.

The 2019 Young Guns Ski final just started. Kiernan Fagan, Cole Richardson, Zane Severson and Tim Sivignon are here and in five days, one of them is going to be $10k richer.

A lot of epic skiing is going to happen between now and then. But before it goes down, let’s talk about how we got here.

The #YGSkiContest started on Instagram with over 700 entries from around the world. Sammy Carlson scanned them all and picked his eight favorites. Those eight went through a public voting round. The winner earned a ticket to the final, then Sammy picked three others to round it out with four finalists.

Here are the entries the entries that earned tickets to Revelstoke.

Cole was chosen via public voting and the rest were Sammy’s picks.

Speaking of Sammy, did we mention that he’s going to rolling with us over the next five days. He’s your official YG judge, which means he’s in charge of awarding the $10k check to the champ.

The format is simple — it’s pretty much a five-day jam session.

We’ll spend four days tearing around Revelstoke and one day heli-skiing in the backcountry. Sammy will be encouraging the boys to get creative — if they see something they want to hit, call it out and we’ll make it happen.

The mountain is theirs to slay. And based on the freakish level these kids are at, the 10k could be going to any of them.

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