Jeremy Flores Talking How To Become #KingOfTheCombo

This year's King Of The Groms is turning out to be a worldwide digital expression session. With more than 400 entries and only 3 weeks to go until the end of Round 1, we're frothing on the level of surfing already seen and can't wait to find out who's gonna shred their way through to round 2. Choosing the qualifiers is down to our judges Dane, Ando and Jeremy. Here's the low down from Jezza on his category: #KingOfTheCombo:

What are you looking for from the Round 1 #kingofthecombo contestants?


To win the #KingOfTheCombo, we'll need some variation of strong maneuvers and different maneuvers on the same wave. So, the best I think would be to have a good carving maneuver followed by a good air or just a good combo in general.



Any tips or tricks to a winning combo?


I think you don't necessarily want a good wave but you want like 2 crazy maneuvers on the same wave – I think 2 is enough for a good combo. That includes barrels, airs and turns – if you can have all of these on the same wave it’s even better but if not, one barrel with a big air or one big air followed by a big lay back or something like that would be good.


Does wave size matter?


Of course wave size matters because, the more critical the wave is the more critical the turns get but I already saw some pretty crazy stuff on small waves. I think in bigger sized waves, i’d be a lot more impressed but unfortunately some kids aren't lucky enough to surf really good and big waves so i’ll be taking that in to consideration.



How important is being able to link manoeuvres into a combo for world qualifying and world tour judging criteria?


I think linking combination of maneuvers is the key for success. I think you’ve all seen nowadays, the best surfers in the word like John John Florence, Medina, Toledo.. all these guys they have really good combos. I think if you have good combos and good tricks in your repertoire, you’re able to do really well on the World Qualifying Series and on the WCT. It’s our goal, for all surfers on the world tour to have good combinations of maneuvers.



You qualified for the WT at just 17, what advice would you give yourself if you could go back today?


I qualified when I was 17 years old so I was really young. I was really young at the time but at the same time surfing was always my passion so I couldn't wait to be on tour with legends like Andy Irons, Occy, Kelly, all these guys. So now looking back, i'm glad I got on tour so early because I got to surf with all these guys. I think for all kids these days it's just a great opportunity to be living the dream, the passion, going to surf the best waves in the world with one other guy out so that's the main thing. If you're a surfer, you know, if you love you job then it's the ultimate thing to be on tour.



Think we might have a future world champ in this year's KOTG?


Yes, of course I think we will have a future world champ in this year's King Of The Groms, it might not be the one that wins this year but there's so much talent that I think it's gonna open the world's eyes. Some kids aren't lucky enough to do contests and events so as they post their good combination of maneuvers and they show themselves to the world, it's always a beginning. You know, I think the best kids in the world are going to be posting some crazy surfing in this year's King Of The Groms.



Our judges, Jeremy Flores (#KingOfTheCombo), Dane Reynolds (#KingOfTheRail) and Craig Anderson (#KingOfTheAir) will each choose 10 entries from their category to go through to round 2. If you're under 18yrs old and haven't posted your entry to this year's Quiksilver King Of The Groms, here's a taster of what you're up against, more info on: quiksilver.com/kotg