Jesse Mendes Wins The Australian Open Of Surfing

Last year, Jesse Mendes almost qualified for the CT. Last week, he almost won a major QS event in Newcastle. Today, he won the Australian Open of Surfing. How's that for upward toil?

"I knew I was going to have to surf my best," Jesse said, with his competition singlet bleeding drops

of water onto the podium. "So that's what I did."

Surfing his best meant laying it on rail. It meant going north of the lip every chance he got. It meant watching CT surfer Julian Wilson start the final with an 8.37 and a 9.33, then responding with two of the highest scores of the event. Victory didn't come to Jesse. Jesse came to victory.

And now, he leads the QS rankings. The Australian leg hasn't been so kind to Jesse in years past, so you better believe it feels good for him to leave with two huge results. You also better believe it's going to be this kid's year. Trust us. "Almost" is over.

Images courtesy of the WSL

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