It's the long weekend, let's pack up and get livin'

Mikey Wright is no stranger to a Radical Time. The 20-year-old mongrel has a taste for cold beers, fast cars and pumping waves – everyone’s dream, right? Especially on Australia Day Weekend.

Maybe you plan on celebrating the 26th of January with a flag on your back, a tin in your hand, snags on the barby and Triple J’s hottest 100 turned up to well, 100. Or maybe not. Whatever your taste, we want to wake that restless spirit of adventure that lives within all of us this weekend.

Post up on a secluded beach with perfect A-frames. Explore that stretch of coast you’ve been meaning to check out. Surf a new wave, ride a new board. Or simply kick back on the sand at your local with nothing but the bare essentials: boardshorts and some good mates. We’ll be embracing every nook and cranny of this beautiful country we call home, and we hope you do the same.

So pack up and go this weekend! Explore, have fun, be safe, and do whatever it is that makes you feel Australian.

Images courtesy of @wadecarroll

Here's playlist full of Australian records that'll bring back memories, make you sing along or psych you up for your next adventure.

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