Matt Banting Somewhere Near Newcastle, NSW

With time on his side after the WQS Europe leg, Matt Banitng jumped in the car with his dad for some free surfs down the coast of New South Wales. Pulling out of the driveway they headed south ditching Matt’s hometown of Port Macquarie with their sites set on Newcastle to meet up with Ozzie surf photog Peter “Bosko” Boskovic. Fun times were had and some great shots taken…

Quik: What’s your relationship with Bosko?

MB: Boski and I have been really close friends since I was about 14, he only lives a 3hr drive away from my house so we either take turns going to each others hometown or we meet half way at Forster.

Where was the trip?

This time I went to see Boski in his home town…Left my house around 4:30am and we were at bosko’s by 7:00am ready for a big day around Newcastle. Can’t give spot names away so this one is called Spot X…

How were the waves?

Really fun, shoulder-head high ramps and corners bouncing off the pier with a slight onshore wind. Perfect if you ask me. Haha.

Anything funny, scary or exciting happen?

Yea haha, I was out there for like 3 and a bit hours in the late afternoon, the only one out on like a mile long beach. Boski kept sending me back out to try nail a shot with the sun going down behind the mountains which looked pretty cool. As I went back out, this massive school of fish came in through the line up where I was surfing, bosko and my dad started yelling and screaming franticly with their hands above their head imitating shark signs. I’ve never ever paddled faster, quickly scrambled up the rocks and saw them two laughing at me saying “haha pretty fun session huh?” Haha I felt like saying you *************!!!!!!

Meet any crazy people along the way?

Nah, Bosko and my dad together are crazy enough.

From the photos it looks like you found your share of sections to go looney on, any broken boards?

Broke one board in half during the day, landed a pretty solid stalefish out on the flats and went straight through the thing, if it was any stronger my ankles probably would’ve been the ones to break.

How did the trip help you get out of the competition mindset?

Just to have a few surfs where you’re focusing on one big move along the wave, not a combination/variety of moves linking section to section trying to get as many points as the wave allows. It’s good to mix it up every now an then, keep it fresh.

Any Quiky products come in handy?

My tide watch was amazingly helpful. Because of the piers and rivers around there its very tidal and we noticed that the right running off the pier worked best on the out going tide, where as the left running into the pier was a lot better on the run in. Timed the sessions to perfection!!!

It wasn't all ramps in Newcastle. Photo: Bosko

All down the line. Photo: Bosko

With the tide coming in the lefts turned on letting Matt open up his backside can of whoop ass. Photo: Bosko
More backside attack into the pier. Photo: Bosko

Floaters anyone? Photo: Bosko

Almost looks lonely out there. Photo: Bosko

Matt adding the final touches to another great trip. Photo: Bosko
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