Open Season: A Chat With Tim Laidlaw

If you’re a snowboarder you know what this weekend means – and you’ve been waiting.
But if you’re a Pro snowboarder like Tim Laidlaw you’ve been living the dream and snowboarding all year round. We chatted to Tim about what he’s been up to and what he’s amped about for this year’s Southern-Hemi season.

Backside 900 - Colorado.

360 Mute - Falls Creek.

So you’ve been chasing the year-round snow season – where have you been spending your time?
It’s a pretty crazy life to live, isn’t it? I just finished up my Northern-Hemi winter season. This year I was chasing the competition circuit and was fortunate enough to visit Austria, Canada and the US.
Backside Wallride - Gilman.

Any major highlights? Got any good stories from your trip?
The one that stands out would be the trip to Hintertux, Austria. We were there in November to get some early season park riding, however in two weeks I didn’t touch one rail or hit one park jump. This was because during the night it snowed about 20 centimetres and was sunny during the days. Though the weird thing was that for some reason the Austrians only stick to the piste so my mates and I chose a different face each day and shredded endless lines till we couldn’t stand.

What kind of music is on your riding playlist?
I’ve been influenced by the Melbourne culture. Lately I have been rocking some deep house or some 70s disco.

Front 360 Stale - Keystone

Power Turn - Hinterrux

When watching others in the park, what’s your favorite trick to watch?
It would have to be all the crazy, technical hand drags riders are doing over knuckles these days. People are finding all these different variations that blow me away.

Everyone has a trick that can't quite master, what’s yours?
It’s hard to say this but the infamous backflip. When I tell every non-snowboarder they immediately think I’m shit.

Backside 180 Mute - Keystone

Which Australian riders are you hyped on at the moment?
The ones I watch that get me hype are riders like Joel Cantle, Jye Kearney, Ryan Tiene, Louis Macindoe and Mahalah Mullins

Favourite thing to eat when you’re on the hill?

I have a little snowboard tradition that I like to stick to up on the hill; it includes a pie, ginger beer and a killer python. Absolute power meal.

Method - Brackenridge

Best thing about riding in Oz?

Best thing about riding in Australia, and what all the international riders are coming down for, are the spring conditions that stick around for the whole season. Soft snow, sunny weather, good vibes, couldn’t get any better if you ask me.

What are you pumped about for the Southern Hemi season and where will you be riding?
Well, obviously I’m pumped to ride some of that spring conditions that we all love. This year will be a little different though; I will be on the slopes less and in the streets more. This season I want to try ride in the streets and Australian backcountry for a change and see how that goes.

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