Quik Pro Finals Wrap-up

Three to four foot waves in light offshore winds saw Joel Parkinson and Filipe Toledo kick off the quarterfinals. It was a heat with the old school versus new school in style and Toledo took some early waves with Parko not finding his top two scores until later in the heat that weren’t enough to make it through to the semis with 12.34 to Toledo’s 12.16.

World champ Adriano de Souza hit the line-up with Matt Wilkinson for heat 2. Until the last ten minutes Wilko had the lead but de Souza unleashed and had the lead to the last ten seconds needing a 5.91 to win the heat. One of the major upsets of the contest saw Wilko take down the world champ with a 6.33 taking his heat score to 13.16 to de Souza’s 12.73.

he heat was working in Andino’s favour with two good scores pushing Buchan into a combo situation with a score of 0.50. Andino wasn’t able to find the waves he needed to Buchan’s 16.00 to his 4.50.

The final heat of the quarterfinals saw John John Florence and Stuart Kennedy hit the line-up. A fairly slow heat with Florence taking the lead but with one minute to go Kennedy needed a 7.11 and gave the last wave everything he had to win the heat with an 8.33 - one of the most exciting heats of the day. Kennedy goes through to the semis with a 15.23 win to Florence’s 14.00.

Filipe Toledo and Matt Wilkinson both had strong starts to the first semifinal heat. Toledo injured himself around halfway through the heat but battled through to take the lead. It was another nail-biting finish with Wilko taking a final wave to grab a 6.60 pushing him through to the final with a 14.43 to Toledo’s 13.27.

Stuart Kennedy and Kolohe Andino hit the rainy line-up and Andino kept busy during the heat clocking up over ten waves while Kennedy was more selective and scored the highest score of the heat in the final minutes with an 8.70. Again Andino answered back and was able to top Kennedy’s score with a 14.23 to Kennedy’s 14.20.

The finals match-up saw Kolohe Andino and Matt Wilkinson battle it out for the final - both of them for the first time at Snapper and to win a first time CT event. Wilko started strongly with an 8.60 and there was a see-saw between the lead between the two finalists down to the final seconds to see Wilko take the 14.20 win to Andino’s 13.66. Congratulations to Matt Wilkinson!