Quik Pro Round 3 wrap-up

The waves cleaned up overnight and the surf was pumping in four to five foot conditions with more predictable conditions for the competitors to chase the best scores.

To start the day saw the end of round 2, heat 11 with rookies Jack Freestone and Caio Ibelli take to the water for some short cover-ups to kick off the day. It was Ibelli’s heat who took the heat with 12.17 against local boy Freestone’s 10.80.

The last heat of round 2 saw Kolohe Andino and Matt Banting hit the line-up. Andino took the risk for some bigger moves knowing the waves wouldn’t travel through the second section where Banting had a different approach for a more relaxed style and longer rides. Andino found steeper walls to score 13.97 against Banting’s 12.23.

ledo, charged with his first two waves scoring in the 7 range pushing Ryan Callinan into a combo situation he was never able to recover from. Toledo progresses through to round 4 with a win of 16.60 to Carmichael’s 5.00

In heat 2 Parko took advantage of his local knowledge and turned it on for the supportive crowd taking the close heat with a 14.83 over Jadson Andre’s 13.66.

Italo Ferreira and Conner Coffin hit the water for heat 3 as the conditions continued to improve. The heat came down to the wire with both surfers finishing with some impressive moves with a close heat with Coffin to win with a 14.04 over Ferreira’s 13.83.

Heat 4 saw Josh Kerr and Caio Ibelli in the line-up with a low scoring heat to begin and the pressure building for Kerr who was unable to find what he needed in the scrappy heat for rookie Ibellie to go through to round 4 with 11.83 to Kerr’s 7.63.

Australians Taj Burrow and Matt Wilkinson took to the water with both surfers showing high energy resulting in a close heat and waiting for scores after the horn. Wilkinson knocked out Burrow with a 12.40 to 12.07.

After waiting a couple of hours for the tide to drop, wild card Mikey Wright and world champ Adriano de Souza matched up for heat 6 in one of the most anticipated heats of the day. Both Wright and de Souza battled it out through to the final minutes with de Souza with priority and Wright unable to find a wave to increase his 14.04 score to de Souza’s 16.17.

Sebastian Sietz and Mick Fanning were matched up in heat 7 and Sietz held on to a narrow lead where Fanning was never able to find the rhythm to charge for a big score. Zietz goes through to find round 3 with 14.50 to Fanning’s 12.50.

In heat 8 Wiggolly Dantas took on 10 year veteran Adrian Buchan and it was again down to the horn where Buchan and Dantas both took final waves and Buchan had the heat with 15.43 to Dantas’ 13.70.

Best friends Californians Nat Young and Kolohe Andino entered heat 9. Young scored in the 6 range for his first two waves with Andino answering back with a 9.50 and Young backing up with a 8.60. It was a close heat and Andino progressed to round 4 with 16.80 to Young’s 15.53.

Heat 10 saw Quiksilver team mates Jeremy Flores and Kanoa Igarashi up against each other. Both surfers were focused as they picked off the waves and Igarashi’s mature approach for his young age impressed the judges and he scored 13.30 to Flores’ 12.83.

John John Florence and Michel Bourez took on heat 11 and scored a 9.23 securing a lead over Bourez for the heat which Bourez wasn’t able to close finishing with a 11.84 to Florence’s 15.90.

To finish off round 3 Gabriel Medina and Stuart Kennedy kicked off heat 12 with strong scores and this was the heat of the day with Kennedy knocking out Medina with a 16.80 to 16.53.