A Quik Start On The Gold Coast

The waiting period for the 2018 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast opened today. With superbly fun head-high waves on tap, the action got started straight away. And, yes, of course there were fireworks. 


Didn’t happen to catch it live? Don’t worry, we got you covered. And even if you saw it all and enjoyed every minute, it’s always fun to relive the best moments, no? 


Wave of the day 

Filipe Toledo’s 8.23. There’s a reason why Filipe won this contest in 2015 — hard to believe that was three years ago, by the way. His speedy, flair-filled surfing is a perfect fit for Snapper. Keep a close eye on him this year. 

Heat of the day 

Want to talk anticipation? Talk about the rookie, the wildcard and the World Champ. Griffin Colapinto, Mikey Wright and John John Florence squared up today. Who took it out? Griffin, the rookie. Meanwhile, Mikey and JJF have a rematch when the comp comes back on for Round 2. 


Biggest surprise 

Julian Wilson’s injury…or lack thereof. The new father fought through some recent shoulder damage and surfed like he had mouths to feed, earning himself a ticket to Round 3 and some time to rest. 




The inside scoop  

Kelly Slater had surgery on his foot a few weeks ago and was a no-show for his heat today. While he’s still recovering, we’ve heard reports of him surfing in Hawaii. Rumor has it he’s trying to make it here as quickly as he can. But if he’s not here by the morning call tomorrow, Mikey February will take his spot in the Quik Pro. The forecast looks like it could go either way, so we’ll see what happens. 


You here? We’ll see you the beach. If you can’t make it, our Instagram story is the next best thing. 

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