#QuikPro Instagram Roundup, Part 2

Over the past couple of lay days the pros have been taking every wave as it comes and at times it’s been getting pretty hectic at Snapper. Check out our Instagram round up, or as we like to call it, Instagram for the lazy. For more coverage of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, visit quiksilver.com/progoldcoast

@kellyslater @jaggarbartholomew stole @peterkinglajolla's camera and got this one of me in round 1 at Snapper his first time shooting surfing. Not bad. Thanks for the shot, boys.

@kanoaigarashi Best view on the Gold Coast. Some really good waves coming through the last couple days. #rightsalldaylong#whatsaleft? #AU100 @boskophoto

@snaketales Afternoon session at Snapper!! 300 guys out but some nuggets. @joelparko plucked a sick one

@boskophoto Well last night at snapper was hectic, 800 people out or more, it was ruthless out there, I saw so many heavy drop ins, people seem to have some sort if neck disorder out there, they can't seem to turn their heads to the left to see if anyone is on the wave. I'm really happy that my old mate @mfanno is in good health after some KOOK dropped in on him and went over the falls with his board aim at mick, it was HEAVY!! I wish people would just give the boys some respect, it's their livelihood.

@floresjeremy Waves were going off today. The bank is amazing / can't wait to surf a heat with no one out ! #quikpro

@josh_kerr84 Snapper has been showing off its ruler edge bank with some absolute mini drainers! #fun


i always wanted to be jack johnson

@ozwright Got away from the goldy yesterday and shot with my good mate @craigparryphotography refreshing to have good waves with no crowds!

@rosyhodge Starstruck waterman // Mark Cunningham #makeitgolden

@snaketales Zarrrrrrr a couple at D bar today. @mikypicon thought he won our heat but I don't think so!! Hahhaa thanks for the slice pic @boskophoto

@peter_mel #layday @quiksilver and @roxy Pro. Made it out for a couple waves. Thanks Wax Suzuki for the photos.
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