#QuikPro: Rounds 3, 4 and 5 wrap-up

Kelly Slater

Round 3, heat 1 kicked off early with Brazilian rookie Italo Ferreira taking on Kelly Slater. After a board swap for Slater the waves didn’t deliver and Ferreira won the heat with 13.00 against 8.77 with the first upset of the day.

Heat 2 saw Miguel Pupo take on Josh Kerr for the second year in a row and Kerr narrowly losing with 13.20 to Pupo’s 13.67.

Wiggolly Dantas

Wiggolly Dantas had a strong start throwing buckets to heat 3 with a 7.67 in slow waves. Dantas’ wave selection gave him the win of 15.77 against Joel Parkinson’s 9.93 with the second upset of the day, the first time ever Parko won’t make it through to round 4 at Snapper Rocks.

Heat 4 saw Taj Burrow scoring the first high score of the day with a 9.43 on his second wave. Sebastien Zietz couldn’t match Burrow’s 16.90 and lost with a 11.90 score.

Taj Burrows

Julian Wilson and Nat Young both notched up average 4.84 scores in heat 5 and Wilson took the win with 10.43 over Young’s 8.94.

Heat 6 was world champ Gabriel Medina taking on Glen ‘Micro’ Hall in a close heat. An interference by Medina took Hall through to the next round, the biggest upset of the round to date with a score of 14.23 with Medina’s score reduced to 7.50.

Glen Hall

Mick Fanning scored a 9.13 in heat 7 against Dusty Payne who couldn’t find a score to match and lost with 14.54 to Fanning’s 17.56.

Heat 8 had Owen Wright and Bede Durbidge in the water with Durbidge kicking off the heat with a 8.23. Durbidge maintained the lead winning the heat with 15.90 over Wright’s 14.44.

Adriano de Souza

Adriano de Souza utilized the inner walls to rack up two 7.33 scores. Freddy Patacchia didn’t take off until five minutes left in heat 9 but couldn’t find a wave to experience one of the worst heats he’s ever had with a score of 1.13 against de Souza’s 14.76.

Rookie Matt Banting kept busy in heat 10 and veteran Jordy Smith scored an 8.10 with a total score of 14.67 to Banting’s 13.90.

Matt Banting

Filipe Toledo started heat 11 with a massive 9.57 score and didn’t score big again until his last wave with an 8.93. Kolohe Andino didn’t find his groove until his last wave of 9.07 but this wasn’t enough to beat Toledo’s 18.50, the biggest heat score of the day.

The final heat of round 2 had another big upset with Matt Wilkinson scoring 17.83 against John John Florence’s 16.13. Florence’s 9.23 ride wasn’t enough to progress through to round 3.

John John Florence

Round 4

The first heat of round 4 was a battle between the Brazilians with Miguel Pupo scoring an 8.50 and 8.73 taking the lead over Wiggolly Dantas’ 13.47 and Italo Ferreira’s 13.37.

Julian Wilson confidently took on Taj Burrow and Glen Hall with a win of 15.73 against Burrow’s 11.13 and Hall’s 10.50 in heat 2.

Heat 3 saw the first tie of the Quik Pro between Mick Fanning and Adriano de Souza both scoring 16.50 and Bede Durbidge close behind with 14.50.

The final heat of round 4 saw Filipe Toledo with a strong performance of a 9.23 wave and a total of 17.83 beating Jordy Smith’s 16.57 and Matt Wilkinson’s 12.23.

Round 5

Heat 1 kicked off with rookie Wiggolly Dantas showing his determination with a strong score of 17.34 easily defeating Glen Hall with 13.33.

Wiggolly Dantas

Taj Burrow and Italo Ferreira battled out heat 2 with Burrow’s narrowly taking the heat with only a 0.23 win of 15.73 against Ferreira’s 15.50.

Matt Wilkinson was selective in his wave choice in heat 3 with a 16.07 score and Adriano de Souza taking the win with 16.94.

The final heat of the day saw Bede Durbidge stay on form with a high score of 9.50 and total of 15.83 taking him through to the quarter finals and leaving Jordy Smith behind on 11.83.

Bede Durbidge

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