Quiksilver Athlete - Alex Bennett-Leat

Quiksilver Athlete - Alex Bennett-Leat

  • Date of Birth: 15 October 1994
  • Place of Birth: Sydney Australia
  • Time on Water: 6 years
  • Hobbies: Wakeboarding (Boat and Cable), Rugby
  • Occupation: Grade 12 at Tanglin Trust School
  • Board Set-Up: CTRL RX + Ronix Preston Boots
  • Height: 6”0
  • Age started on the sport: 11 years old


2008 WWA Wake Park World Championships, Philippines- Boys- 2nd

2009 WWA Wake Park World Championships, Philippines- Junior Men- 5th

2009 Asian Wake Park Tour 9 Singapore Thailand Philippines Pro Men’s 3rd

2010 Asian Wake Park Championships stop 1- Pro men 4th

2010 Asian Wake Park Championships stop 2- Pro men 3rd

2010 Asian Wake Park Championships stop 2 – Pro Jam session 1st

2010 WWA Wake Park World Championships- Junior Men (14-18yrs) - 2nd

2010 Asian Wake Park Championships Stop 3- Pro Men 2nd

2010 Asian Wake Park Championships Overall- 3rd

2010 King Of Kicker- Thailand, International Pro Men- 5th

2011 West Side Jam- Singapore. Pro men 4th

2011 Asian Wake Park Tour Stop 1- Thailand. Pro Men- 3rd

2011 Milano Cup- Worlds…The Day After. Open Men- 1st.

2011 UK Pro Tour Stop 1- 4th

2011 H20 Wakeparade- 6th

2011 Asian Wake Park Tour Stop 2- Singapore, Pro Men- 2nd

2011 Asian Wake Park Tour Stop 3- Philippines- Pro Men- 2nd

2011 Asian Wake Park Tour Overall- Pro men- 2nd

2011 WWA Wake Park World Championships- Jr Men (14-18yrs)- 2nd

What got you started in Wakeboarding? One of my mates had heard about SKI360 out at East Coast Park in Singapore, and invited me one day during our summer holidays, and after that I was hooked. I had tried riding behind a boat a few times prior to this, so I had some basic background in the sport before i started riding cable.

Why do you enjoy wakeboarding? I enjoy cable wakeboarding because I feel its a really unique sport, and a sport where each individual is able to have their own style, as well as explore and experiment with so many different aspects of the sport. I also enjoy it because it's just me out on the water, letting me do what I want. I also really enjoy the fact of being able to be out at the cable to hang out and ride with all my mates, I think this is a wicked aspect of the sport as so many people can be together of all different ages and backgrounds and have fun in the same sport.

How would you advice a beginner who is interested in wakeboarding to take up this sport? I'd have to say to be confident, listen to all the instructions and advice given by the staff, but also to have fun and not take it too seriously.

How do you keep fit? I keep fit by mostly wakeboarding and doing some bodyweight strength training, as well as watching what i eat. I also play rugby for my school during the season, which helps to keep me fit.

What is your training schedule like? I'll usually wakeboard about 5 times a week, depending on school and if I have any competitions coming up. I also try to have a few sessions a week of bodyweight strength training to maintain my strength.

What is your diet like? At the moment I follow a Primal/Paleo style diet, which means I mostly eat natural foods, such as meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts etc. I try to avoid grains, sugar and any processed food.

Do you watch what you eat to keep fit? Yes definitely, earlier this year I did some research and found out that 80% of your body composition/weight is based on what you eat, and only 20% on how you exercise, so I try to eat healthy in order to stay fit and be able to ride to my full potential.

What do you do in your free time when you are not training? I'll be at school most of the week when it's not the holidays, other than that ill be sleeping, hanging out at home with my family or chilling with my friends.

What do you feel before a competition? Usually excitement, as most of the time it'll be overseas so it’s always good fun to be competing and riding in a different country. Sometimes I'll get nervous depending on what competition it is, but most of the time i try to forget that its a competition and just try to have fun.

What is the highlight of your career so far? It would probably be when I travelled around Europe riding and competing in Summer 2011. It was a really good opportunity and experience of riding with lots of different riders and at a variety of cable parks, as well as getting some exposure in a few competitions. It was overall a really good and worthwhile trip.

What is your top personal achievement? So far I'd say it would be getting 2nd overall in the 2011 Asian Wake Park Tour. Another good moment for me would be getting invited to the Red Bull H20 Wake Parade in 2011, as I was selected to represent Singapore against 15 other riders coming from 15 other countries.

What is your key goal for your career? Continue riding and representing Singapore throughout the world, mostly in the Asian Wake Park Tour, as well as trying to compete more on the World Series circuit. I also want to help push the sport more and more here in Singapore and Asia, as i feel it has a big potential to grow into something bigger.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Hopefully still riding and competing, either here in Singapore or back in Australia.