Quiksilver x The Ramones

If you've lived under a rock and haven't heard them, The Ramones may just be cooler than everything you've ever listen to. Quiksilver icon and 2x World Champ Tom Carroll would tell you the same thing and was rockin out with these legends back in the day.


"We used to froth out so hard on Joey & Johnny and their band The Ramones back in the late 70s early 80s. I also loved using a camera, lens and film whenever I had a chance, used it as much as possible on outings like these - exposure was purely guess work, so these images are classic flukes".

Photo taken by Tom


"This concert was winter 1979 in a small underground venue, The Checkers Club, CBD Sydney. In our state we were lucky to get in and it was jampacked with two maybe three thousand crazed rockers. I bashed my way to the side of the stage and observed the boys hammering away at their latest "Beat on the Brat" - with a baseball bat, "Blitzkrieg Bop" & "I Wanna Be Sedated" nobody stopped me shooting. Them's were some fun times!!!"


Make these guys your playlist for the day. Stream the rest of their tracks on Spotify, Rdio or Apple Music.
If like Tom you're a fan of the Ramones and / or other Universal classics, check out our tee collaboration quiksilver.com/universal

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