Tahiti Team Rider Wrap Up

Before the CT circus arrived some of our team riders flew to Tahiti for boardshort research and development. Between testing our latest AG47 performance boardies, getting shacked off their melons, product photoshoots and fighting with slow wifi, the team somehow managed to show us what they were up to. Follow too many kooks on insta? Don't worry, here's only the best.

Jezza scored some bittersweet barrels but like us he was left imagining how he would’ve scored in the comp.

Turning up and embodying the commitment of all adventurers out there was Leo Fioravanti. He got kegged straight after flying in from Los Angeles to Tahiti (11 hours in transit), then left Tahiti flying directly to France (racking up another 25 hours in transit) to take out 2nd place in a 5 star QS event.

Unfortunately Travis Logie had to pull out of the Billabong Pro Tahiti due to injury. Before making it official, Trav couldn't help but remind us why he is one of the funnier guys on instagram. Apparently he was injured while shooting this #PussyCat selfie.

The biggest blatant Quiksilver plug would have to go to Brandon Smith who shared how stoked he was with his new black board stickers and quiver of new wetsuits.

Tiago came in a close 2nd sharing the kit he was taking to Tahiti: Thongs, Tees and Boardshorts (literally all you need).

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