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The Waida Brothers

Quiksilver welcoming The Waida brothers. Rio dan Ryuki saat ini adalah peselancar Indonesia yang sedang naik daun, dan baru saja menandatangani kontrak baru dengan Quiksilver. Rio, yang baru saga berumur 16 di bulan ini, kembali dari Carve QS1000 di Maroubra – Sydney, dan Jr Runner Up untuk Asian Surfing Championship 2015 mengatakan "I'm super happy to have Quiksilver backing me up, I've been with the Mountain and the waves since I was just a toddler and the support they provide is unbelievable".

Sementara adiknya; Ryuki mengatakan hal yang sama menanggapi kontrak pertamanya dengan Quiksilver "I witnessed how Quiksilver mentored and taking care of my older brother, so now having them supporting me as well, it will be an interesting ride for sure". Sementara Sammy Gosling, Marketing Executive Quiksilver untuk Asia Tenggara menambahkan "Good attitude on land, ferocious on water, These boys are killing it! It's great to have them in team roster".





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