Time Well Spent: Marynn

QUIKSILVER WOMENS - February 9, 2021
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A new series that provides glimpses into the personalities who represent the Quiksilver Womens brand. They may come from different places, pursue different interests and have different tastes, but they’re all united by their love for surfing.

Performance doesn’t matter. Passion does. Time Well Spent celebrates the fact that anybody can fall in love with surfing and seeks to amplify voices on the periphery of the traditional surf scene.

So, explore their minds. Get to know what makes them tick. Maybe even go for a surf. It’s all Time Well Spent.

Marynn is an artist, a surfer and a Quiksilver Womens Ambassador, in no particular order. Marynn isn’t very big on particular orders. She loves to drive nowhere, often taking her forever. Somewhere between her atelier and home break, Marynn finds inspiration to tell the stories that float between her two ears. Go for a ride with her here, in Episode 2 of Time Well Spent by Quiksilver Womens. http://quiksilver.com/Marynn