Ezekiel Lau- Views from Bali

Zeke Lau is a gent that deserves your attention. After you watch what’s floating above this bit of text you’ll get it. The cat’s been, as much as it pains me to say, “grinding” it out on the QS. Last winter he was a few heats shy of qualification and it’s a shame, high energy surfing of this caliber is what the tour’s lacking.

“Last year I had an all out shocker,” he tells me. “I needed to make two more heats at Sunset. But that’s usually how it happens. If you need something at Sunset it won’t transpire. If you don’t need anything, you’ll surf the best contest of your life,” he laughs. And, if you try to recall, like us you’ll be hard placed to pin down his last edit… which is what makes this particular dose of power combinations menthol-fresh.

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