Five Predictions For The Quiksiver Pro France

After five consecutive lay days, the Quik Pro is all set. And now that we’ve had a taste of the waves and know what to expect for conditions (see: hot fire). Here are some Nostradamus-level predictions for this year’s Pro. 


There will be 10-point rides left and right. 

Literally. The bank at La Graviere, where the Quik Pro will be held this year, offers both a left and a right. With stellar conditions on the forecast, the world’s best surfers will be getting perfect rides all over the joint. The WSL’s judging staff will essentially sit on their mighty perch and administer 10s in the same way that Oprah points and shouts at her audience while giving away free cars. You get a 10! You get a 10! 

Somebody will stomp the air of the year. 

Remember Filipe Toledo’s air from last year? Or Gabriel Medina’s from the year prior? Probably. Not only because you have a great memory (akin to an elephant) but also because they were some of the best airs of their respective seasons. The punchy beach breaks of France offer some of the biggest ramps the CT sees all year. The question is: who’ll hit em? Who’s going to send themselves to the flats? We’ll see! 


It’ll be a tough few days for foam and fiberglass. 

Wearing the weight of a proper French wave on your back is like getting tackled by a bulldozer made of water balloons. It’s easy to break bones. Even easier to break boards. You can expect La Graviere to chew through plenty of foam and fiberglass at the Quik Pro this year. A tear will be brought to many a shaper’s eyes. 


Upsets? Oh, there’ll be upsets. 

Ah, World Title season. When contenders attempt to put their heads down and grind out the last few heat wins they need in order to carve their name into surfing history….then inevitably end up losing early on in a battle they totally expected to win! Nothing like a good upset. We’ve got a feeling there’ll be plenty this year. Don’t be surprised when you’re surprised, folks.  

quikprofrance />Nobody will sleep. Like, at all. 

Great waves. Great winds. Great surfing. Great weather. Great parties. There is an excessive amount of great things lining up for the weekend. And, honestly, who has time to sleep when all that greatness is just waiting to be indulged in? Nobody! After all, if you can’t rock n roll…. 

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