Comp Board: Connor O'leary

The details

6’1” x 19 x 2 2/16. Rounded pin thruster, shaped by the kind hands of Channel Islands.

How it feels

It’s so drivey and easy to ride. I feel like I have so much control over it. I can go off the bottom and hit a section as hard as I want without having to worry about it sliding out — I know it’s not going to wig out on me. It even feels good above the lip too.

Why he chose it

I don’t nerd out too hard on boards, but I’m always into trying new things. It could spark up a new perspective that you’d never experience if you didn’t try something new. a massive change in the size of my boards. Went up in everything. Rounded pins on normal shorties. QS is kinda hard to do that, so this one feels great in good waves. This is the best of the new ones.


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