King Island: Dangerously Perfect

Real quick. Imagine you’re in your early twenties. You’ve just arrived at the biggest accomplishment of your life — something that you’ve been working towards forever, something few people will ever feel, a dream truly realized. Now you’ve got a few months to kick back before diving head-first into a brand new phase of your career. What do?

If you answered: Eh, I don’t know, probably take one of the most dangerous flights in the world in hopes of scoring a few barrels then your name is almost certainly Conner O’Leary.

Connor just won the WQS and earned a spot on the 2017 CT. But, instead of some preparative relaxation, he recently went to King Island with his good friend Soli Bailey. Fortunately, their plane didn’t crash. And even more fortunately, the waves were even better than they’d imagined.

Just goes to show you — when you’re hot, you’re hot. Let this serve as a reminder to the rest of the CT.

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