Meet Jesse Parkinson


Yaroomba, Australia

Been riding for:
3 years

Go-to trick:
Cork back 720, switch back 540

New trick:

Park or pow:
I love it all!

Rails or jumps:
Both, but I love spinning off a huge kicker

Mark McMorris, Travis Rice, Scotty James

Not many 11-year-old Australians get to call Japan home for the snow season. But then again, not many 11-year-old Australians can huck 900s off 50-footers.

In other words, Jesse Parkinson is an interesting little fella.

Jesse grew up on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. And while he rips in the water, he spends most of his time in the mountains - which are a solid 16-hour drive from his hometown. Even further, though, is Japan.


‘’My family got a place in Japan about 2 or 3 years ago,’’ Jesse explains. ‘’It's up on the northern island of Hokkaido, in the forest near a place called Higashiyama. We’re at the foot of the mountain and my brother and I go can go for a 15-minute walk up the hill, ride a great little powder run through trees with no one else around. It’s so sick!’’

But...does he miss the ocean? (Thats Jesse 'No'boarding above, which is much like surfing because, well, you ain't strapped in!)

‘’I spend 3-4 months a year in Japan, and I really miss surfing when I'm here. I got to meet and ride with Gerry Lopez once and he said surf is where you find it. A great powder day is really similar to surfing good waves. And that run right by my house is like having a surf at your local with 3-4 foot offshore waves and no one out!’’

3-4 foot waves at your local are fun and all - but experiencing a new culture really opens your eyes. To what’s possible in life. To what exists in the world. And, even in an 11-year-old mind, to the core spirit of boardriding.

‘’I love going into the backcountry here. We have some great Japanese friends who are also the best guides in Niseko. They take my brother and I for walks, show us the best spots and teach us how to be safe in that terrain. They are true snow surfers in every way.’’

Images by @kagephoto

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