Why Should You Go To Spain?

Feeling that itch to plan a trip?

Good. Maybe it’s time to embrace it.

We recently went on a surf/skate/snow/culture/madness/fun adventure through Spain and made a short film out of it. Watch it, right here and right now. It’ll probably leave you feeling like Spain is the perfect place to scratch the itch we just talked about. Which is convenient, because we already built a Boardrider’s Guide to help you get a grip on that beautiful land.

But in case you require any more persuasion, the Radical Times crew laid it out for you straight up. Here’s why you should visit Spain.

Now it’s up to you to take them up on it.

Discovering new places, having lots of fun, laughs and amazing food! What else do you need in life?

-Natxo Gonzalez

Spain is a full boardriding trip. Each part of the country offered something special and different, whether it was surfing, skating, snowboarding or just checking things out and enjoying life. This place really has it all .

-Mikey February

Spain is a beautiful country, both culturally and visually. It’s a full on boardrider’s adventure. You can skate some of the most amazing spots in the world and get some amazing scenic surf.

-Zach Miller

Spain is a magical country filled with magical humans. Skate, surf, snow, art, pintxos, tapas futbol...everything is incredible. The Spanish, Basque and Catalan communities will show you nothing but kindness. Find a cheap flight, rent a van, bring all your boards, bring all your homies. Maybe even follow our route - you won’t be disappointed!

-Bryan Fox

Pintxos before surf and pintxos after surf with a few more pintxos after that!

-Austen Sweetin

You can discover sick boardriding spots and incredible scenery where mountains meet the sea. If you're looking for an adventure, grab some mates and a few boards then hit the road!

-Mat Crepel

Photos by Ryan Heywood

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