Finally: Tony Hawk unveils the Back To The Future Hoverboard

Forget about time-traveling Deloreans, after seeing Back To The Future 2, we all wished we owned one thing: a Mattel hoverboard.

Gizmodo.com reminded us that back in 1989, the director of Back to the Future II went on TV and declared that hoverboards were real. "They've been around for years, it's just that parents' groups have not let the toy manufacturers make them," Robert Zemeckis insisted. "But we got our hands on some and we put them in the movie."

It seems that dreams do come true after all, thanks to billionaire Mark Cuban's newest venture HUVr Tech. Christopher Lloyd (better known as Emmett "Doc" Brown) enlisted legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, along with the likes of Moby, Terrelle Owens, Schoolboy Q, and Agnes Bruckner, and unveiled a working prototype.

Tony and the crew promptly showed off the incredible new technology in a Los Angeles parking lot.

Dubbed the HUVr, the gadget seems to work just the same as the hoverboard that Marty McFly commandeered from a young kid in Back to the Future Part II, but this version is companioned with a handy iPhone and Android app that tracks your distance, speed, and shares it all via social media.

We're all not lucky enough to be the first ones to try hoverboarding, but fans of BTTF like us won't have to wait until October 21st, 2015 to own a flying skateboard.

Are they in fact real? Or is this just a hoax to promote the release of Back to the Future 4? Who cares! The thought of Tony Hawk on a vert ramp pulling 900's on one of these has us pretty stoked.