Lennox Chell hits the Ments

You wanna take yourself away from the job site, office desk or painful meeting and imagine you were a grom again? Here’s two minutes of pure stoke that might just help.

Lennox Chell. 13 years old from Avoca Beach, NSW. He's the kid you all saw in the ‘Stay High’ video with the grin from ear to ear. The name you keep hearing up and down the coast winning grom comps. The Goofy footer with a smoother frontside carve than the taste of the 6 poached eggs he eats every morning.

Lenno took all 4 feet of him, a bunch of boards to the Mentawais last month and this is what he produced. He’s not doing backflips, nor spinning and jiving on every piece of lip that throws itself at him, instead; drawing lines and surfing waves like a kid far beyond his years.

Oh, and you wonder why the clip only went for two minutes? Thats ‘cause Lenno’s dad Sam spent most of his time doing this…

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