How Othmane Choufani And Ramzi Boukhiam Are Changing The African Surf Scene

When Othmane Choufani and Ramzi Boukhiam were growing up in Agadir, Morocco, becoming a professional surfer was not a viable option.

There were plenty of world-class waves around — waves good enough to sculpt a champion — but nobody from Morocco had done it before. And, really, the idea of it all seemed farfetched.

Othmane and Ramzi changed that.

In their 20s now, both of them are making an impact as pros on the world scene.

Ramzi went the competitive route, hammering the QS and knocking on the CT’s door — when you watch him surf, you realize it’s just a matter of time before he cracks into the big leagues.

Meanwhile, Othmane has gotten heavy into the big wave scene. You name it, he’s charged it. Jaws. Maverick’s. Nazare. Puerto. He’s part of the new generation of big wave surfers, a cult of lunatics who’ll paddle into anything and try to do maneuvers on the wave instead of just survive it.

This edit covers their two paths. Hit play, kick back and enjoy.

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