#QuikPro: Finals Day Wrap-up

Wiggolly Dantas

Finals day kicked off with Brazilians Wiggolly Dantas and Miguel Pupo in the quarter final with an extremely close heat with Pupo going through to the semi-final with a 13.70 against 13.67.

Taj Burrow

Heat 2 was an Australian match-up between Julian Wilson and Taj Burrow. Wilson started the heat with an explosive 9.77 putting Burrow in a combo situation. Wilson won the heat with 15.94 against Burrow’s 11.17.

Adriano de Souza

Mick Fanning was up against Adriano de Souza in heat 3 and took out local Fanning with 15.07 over Fanning’s 13.23.

Filipe Toledo

Heat 4 saw another high scoring wave with Filipe Toledo’s 9.67. Durbidge answered back with an 8.40 but his score of 16.23 wasn’t enough to get through to the semifinals to Toledo’s 17.34.

The semifinals were heavily weighted with a Brazilian presence of Miguel Pupo, Adriano de Souza and Filipe Toledo and sole Australian, Julian Wilson.

Julian Wilson

In front of a huge crowd, Miguel Pupo and Julian Wilson started slowly in heat 1 but Wilson took to the air against Pupo’s backhand snaps and it was the airs that took Wilson through to the final with a 16.26 against Pupo’s 15.60.

The final between Julian Wilson and Filipe Toledo was a slow start for Wilson who let over 15 minutes pass before taking his first wave and on his second wave scored a 9.10. Toledo kept busy and started the final with an 8.00 ride and scored a 9.60 followed soon with a 9.17, finishing with a 10 point ride. Wilson couldn’t find a score to match and finished with a 14.70.

Filipe Toledo

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