The Wild Mind Of Mikey

He showed up with a JS, a mullet and whole lot of attitude — then he beat the defending World Champion. Mikey Wright made a bold statement last year as a wildcard at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. And this year, he’s back. He still has a mullet. He’s still riding JS. And that attitude sure as hell hasn’t gone anywhere. We hit him with a few questions before the event started.

You’ve got the wildcard into the Quik Pro again this year. How are you feeling going into it?

Yeah, I’m feeling good. I’ve had a bunch of fun surfs leading up to the event. Me and Wadeo have been filming and we got a couple clips that went pretty well.


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Sick. You’re coming off an injury, so most people haven’t seen you surf in a while. Do you feel like you have anything to prove?

This will be the first event where I don’t have to wear a brace or tape my ankle, so I’m really excited about that. I’m not really thinking about proving anything in the heats though — I just want to a chance to surf against the best guys in the world and see what I can do.

Do you legitimately enjoy competing?

I loved it growing up, then I decided to take a few years off and build my profile. I wanted to get stronger, get better at surfing and put out some clips. I’m happy I took the time to do all that. And being injured just now made me take a step back and really think about things. I feel clearer now, and I feel like I really want to compete again.

A lot of guys on tour tone down their surfing to win heats. Are you cool with that?

Honestly, I just surf. If a section is there, I’m not gonna do a half-assed turn. I’m going go big. Then I’ll keep going if the wave keeps linking up. I’m gonna put everything into every turn I do no matter what.

Are you more concerned about winning or putting on a good show?

I don’t really think about what the end of the heat is going to look like. My only goal here is to go out there and surf how I surf.


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